Simple Rig in Maya

18 Aprile 2014 - Sezioni
Simple Rig in Maya

Watch the video for a quick tour

What do i do for a good rig?

As my teacher and mentor Maks Naporowski said, in order to do something really good, you  have to make the same thing again and again, and again, and of course you have to do it in the right way.

Why do i like rig?

I like it because you can only do it good or bad; no half measures for it.

First of all i don’t use any external tool to make my skeleton.

Drawing my skeleton with the right number of joints instead of use something that already exist arranged for my model, is always better.

I draw bones one by one starting from the legs and the arms, assigning their names and parenting the joints in order to have the right Hierarchy with a pelvic bone that allow me to move my model into the World space.

After naming, parenting, and of course orienting my joints properly, i add Ik’s.

Inverse Kinematics is really useful and efficient for any legs or arms. I just add Ik’s and create pole vectors in order to orient my elbows and my kneews.

After “Grouping” my ik’s properly, and create my Controls with Set Driven Keys, i add Advanced Controls.

(Freeze transformation is a must. Everything’s always to “0” to the Idle pose of my Character.

I always work with Levels so is easier for the Animator to hide what he wants and i add limitations in the attribute editor as well.

Of course i add custom attributes in order to have some nice controls such as Open The Mouth or Close The Hand, etc, with custom values.

I want to make life easier for animators; they have to see only what they have to use in order to animate the character.

Once i have a good skeleton with good controls, I start to do some facial rig; Always using simple deformers and play with Set driven Keys and custom attributes, nothing really complex, for this kind of model.

After that i attach the model into the skeleton and I enjoy the Skin Weights Tool.

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